The Problem

The invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is threatening nearly 85,000 ash trees in the Sioux Falls area, potentially leading to their complete removal. To counteract these severe urban forestry changes, the Sioux Falls ReLeaf Project is dedicated to planting a wider variety of trees throughout the community.


By supporting us in reforesting the area, you will enhance Sioux Falls' landscape and keep it flourishing for generations to come.


What is an Emerald Ash Borer?

The EAB is an invasive beetle threatening to devastate all of Sioux Falls’ ash tree population. This pest feeds on ash trees, slowly killing them over the course of a few years.


The EAB has already destroyed tens of millions of ash trees in 33 states. This Asian native was first identified in southeastern Michigan back in 2002 and was discovered in South Dakota in 2018.


How will Emerald Ash Borer Affect Sioux Falls?

The EAB is now part of Sioux Falls’ ecosystem. Without regular treatment, every tree in the area will eventually be infested. Once the ash trees are infested, they die, become brittle and very dangerous to the public. The best course of action is to proactively remove the ash trees and grow a younger, more diverse tree population in Sioux Falls.


From 2018 to 2027, Sioux Falls plans to remove thousands of ash trees throughout the community. The loss is heartbreaking, but necessary for our safety. The removal of infested ash trees will require a major investment on the part of the city. It’s estimated that it will cost more than $1 million per year for the next ten years.


As sad as this loss is, it’s also an opportunity to breathe new life into the forestry of Sioux Falls.



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